australia, i’m open for business

Australia, a quick word in your ear: I’m open for business.

I grew up near Honeysuckle Creek, the dish that transmitted Neil Armstrong’s first words on the lunar surface to a huge global audience. I sat cross-legged on my classroom floor, watching those pictures in 1969.  I’ve been fascinated by the power and the possibilities of communication ever since.  For my entire professional life, I’ve been crafting creative messages for businesses, organisations and public figures.  Most of my work has made national and international news.

We live in a noisy world.   So much of the material that organisations pump out these days is uninspiring waffle, riddled with buzzwords.  We all know that the best communication is clear, entertaining and inspiring.  It has to be heard above the herd.  

I founded, grew and sold a multi-award winning London-based PR consultancy that served more than 100 national and international brands.  I have been at the coalface in one of the most competitive media and creative environments in the world.  I’ve now returned to my roots, to bring the international knowhow and expertise I’ve gathered over thirty years to the Australian market.

If you’re looking for a consultant who can make your communications work, here I am.