My name is Hamish Thompson. I’m a PR practitioner, publicist and communications strategist. This is my personal blog. I’ve advised more than 150 brands over three decades. I’ve worked in-house as director of communications for financial services and retail businesses, spanning capital markets, corporate and consumer PR. I’ve handled opportunities and crises in equal measure and I’ve been the brand spokesman, appearing on Radio 4’s Today Programme, most BBC TV news and current affairs programmes, ITV, Sky, CNN and a host of others. I’m an occasional visiting lecturer at the University of St Andrews where I talk to post-grads about the changing dynamics in corporate communications and the media.

I’m interested in interesting things – and the odd boring thing as well. In Phillip Pulman’s universe, my daemon is a Magpie.

I founded, grew and sold my own PR consultancy, Houston PR. The business won many awards for creativity and outstanding consultancy and was engaged by more than 100 businesses and organisations – from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies to ambitious start-ups.

Communications have never been more dynamic and more demanding than they are today. Everything is binary, everything is immediate. You switch off for a moment and the world has changed. In some ways this is a difficult thing, in other ways it is enlivening. Rules are constantly broken. It is the digital equivalent of the Baroque age.

But some things never change. For PR to really work, businesses need creative, strong-minded practitioners at the helm. A finely crafted sentence or insight can change the fortunes of a business, can set the mood, can excite and motivate consumers. The fundamental question is whether you want to be heard or be part of the herd.

I’m here to share the things that interest, invigorate, irritate and inform me. Please feel free to share anything you like. The easiest way to find me is on Twitter at @hamishmthompson.