Hello, have you heard?

Hasn’t the world changed?  Old-fashioned neighbourliness isn’t what it was. All of us have found digital neighbours with whom we have much more in common. We’ve become more tribal, tapping into nationwide and worldwide communities of shared interests.  Tribes run rampant on social media, share strong opinions, expert extraordinary influence and endlessly reinforce their likes and values with each other. The mood of the herd has become a defining preoccupation for any organisation or individual concerned with reputation or commerce. The voices of businesses and brands must appeal to tribes to be heard above the deafening roar.  That means going operatic on the terraces, saying woo instead of moo, turning right at no right turn, bringing defiance to convention, being heard above the herd.

We are a team of expert PR, brand and media relations people, with decades of experience, helping brands, businesses and individuals create excitement about their products, ideas, services, contribution to the world and more.

We’ve worked for more than 200 brands between us, many of which elicit an “Oh REALLY?”  We make things work, we’re adventurous and we’re commercially astute.

We run the Buzzsaw, the world-famous automated jargon removal tool, and the How NOT to Guide to PR. And we’re updating these constantly to keep up with everything that’s new.

Our overheads are low.  We work from our homes or coffee shops and when we can, we spend as much time as possible in our clients’ shops, offices, factories, farms, workshops and more.  These are strange times.  What our clients want is our expertise and our outcomes.  What they don’t want is to subsidise the cost of schmantzy offices.

Hamish Thompson has worked in the UK, the US and Australia, accumulating decades of experience of building the reputations and boosting the balance sheets of all sorts of businesses.  He has worked in-house at executive level for several businesses, including global banks and FTSE-100 retailers and founded a multi-award-winning PR agency that served a global client base before selling it to private equity investors in 2018.

Mark Webb has worked in the UK, France, Switzerland and the US. He started out celebrity handling – don’t get him started – and graduated naturally into TV production and PR. He has worked in senior communications roles, both agency side and for major household brands across the leisure, entertainment and retail sectors. More recently, and having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, he has focused a share of his time and expertise on the charity sector. He campaigns on subjects including diversity and inclusion, flexible working and disability. 

We like working for people and businesses that care as much about what they do and what it means to others as we do. History is going to record that the TV show, The Apprentice, persuaded the world that to be expert at something, all you needed was a shiny suit, an airbrushed face and….well, you know the rest. The world isn’t like that. An aspect of appeal might be skin deep for some. Talent, commitment, creativity and determination are as deep as our bones.

If you think you might like to give us a try, see some case studies, and maybe speak to some our clients, do get in touch. We’d love to talk.